Welcome! – Live Broadcast for the Sturgeon Lake Osprey Camera

The 24/7 osprey nest camera live video feed has been shut down for 2018 as of October 4th. The camera is still technically online & may be viewed at http://ipcamlive.com/ospreycam. Please give it a few extra seconds to begin buffering & streaming. We will be back in the spring. Thank you everyone for your support. We hope you enjoy viewing the nest.



Sturgeon Lake, MN — Windemere Township


Owned & Operated by: Dan, Julie, & Jordan Heinz.


Camera – Hikvision 2DE7184-A 2MP IP PTZ [Pan-Tilt-Zoom] (Purchased from Nelly’s Security – http://www.nellyssecurity.com , Installed @ 30-35 feet up high with the generous assistance of Lake Country Power – http://www.lakecountrypower.com)


Audio – Louroe E-ML (LE-775) (Installed during the Spring of 2016 with the generous assistance of Lake Country Power – http://www.lakecountrypower.com).  Unfortunately, afterwards, we discovered that we believe we overlooked properly grounding the camera during the initial installation.  This has resulted in an overwhelming 60Hz hum (What is a 60Hz hum?).  We haven’t been able to coordinate repairing this yet; it is still on our radar. Update (3/19/2018) – Another idea floated along in 2017, we believed that we could combat this desire for audio by just adding another camera on the pole rather than fighting the hums encountered with two different microphones. This one would be a Non-PTZ, POE-powered IP camera with a built-in microphone for about $150-$250. So, you would actually end up with 2 live video feeds, but only one would have audio. I would likely leave one camera on-demand to keep our monthly streaming costs down. This idea also requires the rental of a boom lift or requesting volunteer assistance from Lake Country Power again.


Camera Specifications – http://overseas.hikvision.com/en/Products_accessries_497_i5639.html
Microphone Specifications – http://www.louroe.com/product/e-ml/


In Memory Of Grace Schjeldahl — Obituary (PDF) – http://www.hhkfuneralhome.com/fh/print.cfm?type=obituary&o_id=2894907&fh_id=13486

Disabling automatic daily WordPress posts

Disabling automatic daily WordPress posts

Hello everyone,

Just a small update. I will be disabling the automatic daily postings to WordPress when they are unnecessary (October-February). This is to avoid an extra unnecessary e-mail in your mailboxes when it is not needed. Camera will remain online via the on-demand link at the top of the site.