Still having some issues..

Still having some issues..

Not much going on at the nest other than the occasional osprey visit, so better to address these problems now then find out next spring.  We’ll be offline for another day or two.  We’re not sure if we have a voltage issue at the pole or just some bad luck.  Camera itself is fine; it’s the WiFi link that is having some issues.

Big Storms in Northern MN

Big Wind Storms in Northern MN

Power was lost on early Thursday AM.. Restored around noon.  Massive, destructive winds.  Since then, we’ve had an issue with the osprey’s Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M2.  It did not come back online properly after power was restored.  I suspected that its configuration was corrupted.  This device connects to the Ubiquiti Rocket M2 we have mounted on a flag pole for WiFi connectivity to the network.  Google them if you are interested, they are used for long-distance WiFi links.  10km+ if you can elevate it high enough to have a clear line-of-sight.


Anyways, we reset it back to factory defaults, reconfigured it & let it idle in the basement overnight.  All looks well, so it should be going back on the osprey’s pole in the near future to restore network connectivity to the camera at the osprey platform.  We’ll likely be buying a backup as a hot standby for future failures.  The eggs did not hatch this year, too wet & cold in the late spring.  Better luck next year.  We’ll leave the camera up 24/7/365 as long as we do not have equipment issues.  There was an idea on the table for the next year about adding a 2nd camera at around 200 yards away, relatively zoomed in.. so we can see when they circle the nest or are flying nearby.  We’ll see about this.  These cameras cost around $700-$900, so they are not a small investment.