2017 Osprey Nest Logs

2017 Osprey Nest Logs

2017 Sturgeon Lake Osprey Camera Log

3/25/2017 – Camera is back online 24/7, waiting for the osprey to arrive.

3/26/2017 – Osprey #1 has returned to the nest.

4/1/2017 – Unsure if Osprey #1 was just flying through this location or it’s patiently waiting outside of the nest for Osprey #2 to arrive.

4/9/2017 – We have confirmed that a pair of Osprey are back.  They have begun cleaning up the nest.

10/1/2017 – After a successful fledging of one osprey this summer, we will shut down the continuous 24/7 video feed for the fall & winter.  Nest image archives are available at http://images.sturgeonlakeosprey.com for those interested.  Thank you all for your support.