Welcome back, administrative & technical status updates for 2019

Welcome back, administrative & technical status updates for 2019

This is Jordan. We are back online. We have opted to, at least in the interim, bump our service level on IPCamLive from Standard to Professional. This costs us $10/mo extra, but you should notice some additional features appear in the video player — specifically Time Lapse. Audio will be disabled, as we do not have a functional microphone. Their development of Time Lapse has come a long way since I first evaluated it in 2016, so we will see what it has to offer.

What else is new? Well, lots has changed in the personal world behind the scenes. Dan is going through some health issues, and his sister recently passed away. We ask that you be patient when we have technical issues & remember this is a best-effort operation. We all have our own lives & responsibilities. I just wanted to remind everyone of this. We will address the issue as our lives allow.

We had a relatively harsh winter, so we will see how the lakes rebound.

I am in possession of a very large black bin of new camera & WiFi equipment that will make its way to the farm in 2019. I am not sure when, and we do not have a plan.. so we are probably looking at the fall. Spring maintenance is always to difficult to time, as the osprey can tend to return before we would normally go out there with a Kubota.

In the bin, we have a new camera for the osprey nest, but we will not be replacing the main, PTZ camera. We will be installing it next to it. It is a stationery, 4K camera that will be able to provide us with audio from an accurate, external microphone. We should then be able to hear calls & nest noise. I’ll have to do some math to figure out how we can begin to increase our resolution & frames per second to make it look more life-like, especially when streamed full-screen to a large TV. This comes at the expense of needing the monthly Internet bandwidth to stream this camera from a rural area. It all costs money.

We do our best, and we hope you enjoy it. I do.

Will make sure all our social networking hooks are working to Facebook & Twitter. The daily YouTube posting has been working all winter silently. The daily 9AM WordPress post will begin effective immediately. If you would like to receive it, please subscribe via e-mail on the right-hand side of the main page.

Please comment as you would like. Comment moderation is turned on to prevent spam, but I will always approve legitimate comments.

Shutting down 24/7 Live Video Feed for 2018

Shutting down 24/7 Live Video Feed for 2018

Hello everyone,


We will be shutting down the 24/7 live feed from IPCamLive to the nest for this year.  There will be a link for the camera to be viewed on-demand if desired on the main page.


We did get new hardware to install, but we were not able to put together a plan for this year.  We will take a look at it in the spring.  Thank you everyone for your support, and we hope you enjoyed viewing the nest this year.



First Flight videos are on YouTube & more news

First Flight videos are on YouTube & more news

Without any further delay, I have reviewed, compiled & uploaded both first flight videos.  Watch the expressions in the eyes & head movements of the remaining osprey in the nest.


The news – we do have some relatively exciting news for this fall.  We will be renting a 45-50′ lift in late September to do some maintenance.  Once I have a plan together for the maintenance, I will post it online.  We will be installing a second camera with an external, high quality, line-level microphone.  The camera will be a stationary camera that doesn’t move.  It will be 4K (everyone is familiar with this resolution now due to television) with a varifocal lens that will allow us to simply zoom in & out of the center of the nest.  4K translates to 8MP.  Our current camera is 2MP.  This new camera is slated to be the primary & audio will be enabled.  The existing camera will be used for personal reasons & as a backup to the primary camera in the event of a failure.  That is the basics for now.  More will come later.


On with the show!


Here is the first flight of Baby Osprey #1 (02:40 into the video)




Here is the first flight of Baby Osprey #2 (05:21 into the video)


This year’s osprey “first in flight” videos coming up, Dan’s neck injury

This year’s osprey “first in flight” videos coming up, Dan’s neck injury

Thanks to Megan on Facebook, we have located rough timestamps on the first flights of baby osprey #1 (8/7 AM) & baby osprey #2 (8/13 AM).  I have located the clips & will gather a few hours surrounding the timestamp to skim through it.  Congratulations to both young birds, there are some comical moments in the morning festivities that baby osprey #2 first flew on 8/13.


On a more serious front beyond the osprey nest, Dan (my father & owner of the farm) sustained a neck injury falling down a steep stairway onto basement concrete in their home in Duluth.  He underwent a successful C6-C7 ACDF yesterday & is recovering.  You may send him your best wishes at dan@sturgeonlakeosprey.com or post them in the comments of this post.


I have adjusted the zoom & angle of the camera to reflect a more broadened view for the rest of the season while they are still using the nest platform.  Please post any feedback on this adjustment on Facebook or in the comments of this post.