Welcome! – Live Broadcast for the Sturgeon Lake Osprey Camera

In the video frame above, click the “Toggle full screen” box in the lower right hand corner of the video frame to see the camera in full screen. Escape can be used to exit full screen


Sturgeon Lake, MN — Windemere Township


Owned & Operated by: Dan, Julie, & Jordan Heinz.


Camera – Hikvision 2DE7184-A 2MP IP PTZ [Pan-Tilt-Zoom], Installed @ 30-35 feet up high with the generous assistance of Lake Country Power – http://www.lakecountrypower.com)


Audio – Louroe E-ML (LE-775) (Installed during the Spring of 2016 with the generous assistance of Lake Country Power – http://www.lakecountrypower.com).  Unfortunately, afterwards, we discovered that we believe we overlooked properly grounding the camera during the initial installation.  This has resulted in an overwhelming 60Hz hum (What is a 60Hz hum?). Update (March 2019) – we have purchased a second camera for the nest (stationery, 4K with 3.5mm audio line-in) that will be handling audio. We have not been able to install this camera yet, as it requires the rental of a 50-60 foot towable boom lift. We do own the camera and a new microphone, so it will be installed before the 2020 season.


Camera Specifications – http://overseas.hikvision.com/en/Products_accessries_497_i5639.html
Microphone Specifications – http://www.louroe.com/product/e-ml/


In Memory Of Grace Schjeldahl — Obituary (PDF) – http://www.hhkfuneralhome.com/fh/print.cfm?type=obituary&o_id=2894907&fh_id=13486


My name is Jordan Heinz.

10 thoughts on “Welcome! – Live Broadcast for the Sturgeon Lake Osprey Camera

    1. You are right. I was literally checking it out on a whim around 9AM and noticed the egg shell was gone and a small object moving in the center. Was born just after 5PM on Wednesday. Going to leave the camera zoomed in.

  1. Loved watching the fledgling this year!
    Thanks so much. We had one of the osprey dive bomb and catch a fish right in front of our cabin this summer. It was fun on it’s own (and louder than I thought it would be) but extra special since I felt like I was watching a tv star:)

  2. I’m happy to see that this nest isn’t being bothered by flies. Some nests are bothered so much that the adults are leaving the eggs unattended. This will be a disaster for the chicks if the eggs hatch and the flies are still invading the nests.

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