2006-2014 Osprey Nest Logs – Osprey-webcam.com

2014 Log

Sept 20: last osprey apparently headed south as there have been no sightings since Sept 11th. The cam will remain on through the winter. Looking forward to the birds return in April.

Sept. 2: Have been very tardy on updating this log. As most know 2 of three eggs hatched. The chicks are now adult size and fending for themselves as the adults have left for the season. They departed about 2 weeks ago. Expect the chicks will leave later this month. A good season for viewing even with the only 2 of 3 eggs viable.

June 12: we have a second chick!!!

June 10: we have our first hatch!!!

June 2: the three eggs were first observed on 4/30, 5/4, and 5/7. Based on a 35 day incubation period hatching can be expected near June 5, 9, and 12th.

We are pleased that our many issues with this site appear to have been overcome. Audio is now available, the interference has been eliminated by relocating the wireless receiver, and Mac users can now view the video.

Please contact us if you are unable to view the video. Also, please note that Quicktime player needs to be installed to view video.

May 18: there are now three eggs, and the video is available if media player Quick Time is installed on your computer. If needed it is available to download from Apple. It’s free and safe. We are having issues with some interference and the audio.

May 7: We have 2 eggs!

We are also still plagued with issues preventing the video from appearing above. Please check back regularly for updates.

April 14: We are currently experiencing issues related to installation of a new camera complicated by heavy snow conditions. Hope to be on-line within a few days. One osprey has returned to the nest platform.

2013 Log

A new system has been installed and is working with only a glitchor two to resolve. Cybert PC of Askov, MN, designed and installed it. Local time and weather has been added to the website. Please let us know your reaction.

June 16, last egg hatched.

June 14, 2nd hatched in the afternoon.

June, 13, first hatchling arrived 8am. We are excited as the spring was cold and wet plus last year none of the 3 eggs were viable.

May 12, third egg sighted yesterday!!

May 8, we have a 2nd egg!!

May 5, first egg observed this morning!!!

April 27, a third adult osprey landed on the nest and stayed about 15 minute. Neither of the 2 already there appeared to be concerned.


April 14-23, no birds sighted on nest. Unusally cold and snowy weather likely contributed. Since the 23rd both birds have been building on the nest. Mating activity has occurred.

April 11, about 9” of wet, heavy snow arrives

April 6, 2nd bird returns

April 3, first osprey return from the south.

2012 Log In summary:

Three eggs were laid but none hatched. It was a cold, wet spring which may have contributed to the failure. We were again plagued with hard & software problems.

April 24, we believe the third egg was laid today but not 100% sure.

April 21, a second egg.

April 18, we have our first egg!

April 6, second osprey returns to the nest.

April 3, 2012, and the season has begun as the firt osprey has returned to the nest! 2011 was a good year for the birds – 2 of the 3 eggs produced and both survived to adulthood. It was, however, a bad year for our webcam – we were plagued with software and hardware issues for most of the season. We have installed a new system which we hope will provide a more consistent video for viewers. Return visitors will notice the picture size is noticeably smaller. We are working to enlarge it.


2011 Log

6/9, Finally, we are back on line. Fixed the loss of control of the camera on 6/3, but our software to upload video to website was faulty. Thanks to our website host’s efforts and a new anti-virus program we are back! The 2 chicks look as if they were hatched about a week ago. Appears to be one egg in the nest that is not viable. Enjoy and let us know if you encounter problems. The “freezing” of the video may still occur due to our lack of upload speed which is a factor of our rural location.

5/8, We are now plagued with more hardware problems. We replaced our video transmitter and receiver which did restore our connection with the nest camera. However, we then discovered we have lost control of the pan/tilt/zoom with the camera pointing away from the nest. We also discovered our camera appears to have issues as the picture will, at times, darken, disappear then return at a later time. The pan/tilt/zoom control receiver is located next to the camera above the nest thus we will be unable to address these issue until the chicks are about 5 weeks old – end of June or first part of July.

4/26, we have lost our video. Believe cause is faulty wireless video transmitter and/or receiver. New ordered and have arrived but rain/snow prevent installation. Hope weather improves soon.


4/21, a 2nd egg!


4/19, we have the first egg.

4/5, Two osprey arrived at the nest today. We’ll assume it is the pair from last year. It is so fortunate the gulf oil spill did not harm them. We note the live streaming has some fairly significant flickering. We believe it to be interference from some electrical device nearby but have yet to identify it. Will continue efforts to eliminate it. Also, we have explored how to prevent the “freezing” of the video that often occurs when traffic increases. It appears to be a lack of sufficient upload bandwidth. Due to our rural location we are not able to increase upload speed. If anyone has any ideas that may help solve this problem please send an e-mail to Terry Peterson at tatbrd@hotmail.com

2010 Log

7/15, The text seen overlaying the video is a menu page from our camera. It appeared yesterday apparently caused by a thunderstorm. As we lost communication with the camera a few weeks ago we are unable to close the menu display. We could cut the power to the camera to eliminate the menu but the camera would likely not return to the current view when the power was restored. Further, you may have noticed a cloudy picture at times. It appears a moisture seal on the camera has failed. As we must access the nest platform to address our multiple issues we have decided to postpone all repairs until after the birds have migrated. We apologize for the distractions.


It is also with great sadness we (neighbors Terry & Dianne Peterson) wish to report that our Ralph passed away due to complications following heart surgery. He will be forever missed. Grace’s commitment to this project in unwavering.

6/4, it appears the last egg is not viable, possibly due to cold temps and snow in early May.

5/27, we have a second hatchling.

5/25, we have the first hatchling!

4/22, third egg observed.

4/18, we have a second egg!

4/15, we have our first egg!

4/4, second adult arrives.

4/3, First adult returned this date. This is the earliest any have returned – previously April 6th earliest date. It has been an unusually warm March with some temps over 70 degrees.

2009 Log

The remaining chick survived to maturity and departed in late September.

6/9, unfortunately one chick has died. The remaining one appears to be ok. One egg did not hatch. It appears it may be the first egg laid based on the number of days from laying to first hatching.

5/31, second chick hatched.

5/30, first chick observed 5:30am.

4/27, 3rd egg observed

4/23, Second egg observed.

4/21, first egg observed. It appears they wanted some color in the nest thus the ribbon???

4/12, second osprey returns from the south. Mating and nest re-building has occurred. For those who last year watched the nest after dark we have lost our infrared so the nest will not be visible at night this season. Hope to correct this after the birds leave this fall.

4/11, 9:30am, first osprey to return observed.


2/13, Our camera has had issues since last fall. Under repair now and should be re-installed next week and back on line.

We expect the bird to return early April.

2008 Log

8/30, It appears the adults have departed for the season. The one chick remains, but does not spend much time on the nest. It does perch on top of the camera frequently thus is unable to be viewed. One of the two unhatched eggs is visible.

06/15, as neither of the two remaining eggs have hatched it appears they are not viable. It should be interesting to observe how the adults dispose of them.

06/4, 11:00 a.m. first chick hatched.

06/01, Removed the transmitter and it’s power supply, checked it out, and replaced it without finding anything apparently wrong. Whatever, we’re back on. No chicks yet.

05/24, A thunderstorm the night of May 24-25 has disabled our camera. To avoid distruption that may lead to abandonment of the nest or failure of the eggs to hatch, we have elected to not approach the nest until it is warm enough for the eggs/chicks to survive without an adult present.

04/28, 3rd egg

04/25, 2nd egg

04/22, first egg

04/10, major spring blizzard arrives and lasts until the morning of 04/12.  ~12″ of snow and winds of up to 45mph.   Birds not on nest but returned 04/12.   Mating and some nest building have occurred.

04/09, both birds return.  This is the first time both have returned the same day.

Grace Schjeldahl, looks forward to sharing this experience with you. Located in Windemere Township, Pine County, Minnesota about 50 miles south of Duluth near I-35.  Assisting in this effort are the neighbors Terry & Dianne Peterson.

The Osprey platform has been in place for 12 years and we have been enjoying summers with the osprey nesting on the platform for the past 8 years.  The birds return in early to mid-April.  Two to four eggs are typically laid and incubation takes 32-34 days.

We began broadcasting on March 21, 2006 with a stationary camera.  The picture on the web site refreshed every 30 seconds.  We are indebted to the folks who operate the osprey cam at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland for their advice and assistance in this effort.

In the fall of 2006 after the birds had left we replaced the camera in use last year with a pan-tilt-zoom camera. Last spring we worked with our website host, Northwoods-Exposure to provide live streaming video of the osprey on the nest.

We hope you enjoy the show!!  Your comments are welcome…



2007 Activity

  • 04/14, first bird returns and begins nest rebuilding
  • 04/16, second bird returns
  • 04/26, first egg
  • 04/28, second egg
  • 05/02, third egg
  • 06/04 First egg hatched this morning at ~5:30
  • 06/05 Second egg hatches at 10:30 a.m.
  • 06/07 Third egg has hatched ~5:30 p.m.
  • 07/02, smallest/youngest chick died apparently due to starvation as older/larger chicks dominated food